Monday, August 18, 2014

boone: 1 year old

Lots new this month!

Waves hello and goodbye: July 30, 2014
First Hair Cut: July 31, 2014
Took first steps: August 15, 2014
Says: "momma" "dada" "ball" "papa/pawpaw"

Likes: dogs, balls, stairs, trucks

Dislikes: the vacuum

Favorite foods: all fruit, eggs, chicken, goldfish, yogurt

Boone hasn't met a stranger.  The pediatrician was commenting today about his lack of stranger anxiety.  We spent the last week in NJ visiting family and it took Boone all of 2 minutes to warm up before showing off his dance moves.  He is beginning to take small steps and become more daring.  He moves from one piece of furniture to another at lightening speed, often times falling down and getting right back up.  He rarely fusses, eats anything and everything and is Mr. Personality.

Boone moves non-stop.  He very rarely sits still and loves to ride in his wagon, tricycle and go for walks in the BOB to the nearby lake.  He is constantly exploring, trying to figure out how things work, taking things apart and studying them closely.

Honey taught Boone how to blow out candles this months, so every time he hears the word "birthday" or sees a lit flame, he starts blowing.

Boone weighed in at 26 pounds, 10 ounces this morning at the pediatrician.  He is in the 94% for weight and at 30.5 inches, he is in the 74% for height.   Boone had a few vaccinations this morning  and had to have his blood drawn to test for anemia.  The pediatrician told us that normally they can tell if a baby is anemic just by looking at their skin color, but Boone's skin was too dark to tell.

Diapers: 5
Clothes: 2T
Weight: 26 lbs, 10 ounces (94%)
Height: 30.5 inches (74%)