Saturday, February 28, 2015

catching up

My poor blog has been ignored for the last few months, but I am going to make an effort to make a comeback.  I love that I have this little space on the internet to look back on the past and remember the small details that often cloud my tired brain.  Lots happening in the last few months….

The biggest news came in September when we found out that our family is growing!   Boone will be promoted to big brother in May and we are excited to see him take on this new role.  He points at my tummy daily and says "baby" and kisses all over my belly.  He is going to love having a little brother around.

I was in survival mode from September until about mid January chasing a toddler and fighting horrible morning/all day sickness.  This pregnancy has been pretty much identical to my pregnancy with Boone, so it was nothing new.  I am feeling great now, have tons of energy and between chasing Boone and trying to keep our house somewhat livable we are staying pretty busy these days!
Some bump pics….

Boone.  Oh Boone!  He is a mover.  He started walking a few weeks after his 1st birthday and his walk quickly turned into jog and now he just runs.  Everywhere.  All the time.  It is exhausting but so fun!  He is non-stop from the moment he wakes up in the morning until he goes to bed.  Thank goodness he is still an excellent sleeper!  He usually wakes up around 7:30-8 am, naps from 12-3 pm everyday and is in bed by 7pm every night.  He is full of energy and his vocabulary has expanded immensely in the last few weeks.  He says about 50 words from "mommy" and "daddy" to "outside" and "trucks" and repeats EVERYTHING.  It is scary and also remarkable to watch his little brain process things.  He can point out his nose, eyes, ears, teeth and hair.  He is definitely a thinker and is always taking things apart and studying how they work.  He loves to vacuum, brush his teeth, bake/cook in the kitchen with mommy and read books.  He has the best, most expressive personality and about 100 different expressions that he can pull out of a hat at any given moment.  (-:  He loves trucks, especially anything to do with construction.  I started taking him to a park on base that overlooks a construction site.  He will sit for 10-15 minutes on my lap just watching the excavator, bulldozers and wheel loaders do their thing and he knows all the machines by name.  He says, "vator" "dozer" and "truck" and points at each.  We attend an organized playgroup on base two days a week, frequent the indoor pool regularly, visit the park, have friends over, ride bikes, go for walks and meet Wes for lunch weekly.  I have found that he is happiest when he is kept busy!

Halloween 2014, Scuba Diver

November 2014, Pumpkin Patch

Thanksgiving 2014, Turkey Trot

December 2014, Christmas in Shreveport

January 2015, Sam and Josh's wedding in Austin, TX

February 2015, Bowling with Boone

February 2015, Bowling with Boone

 February 2015, Boone dressed and ready for playgroup

 February 2015, Baking with Mommy

February 2015, OKC Horse Show

February 2015, Snow Day!

Wes submitted his paperwork to get out of the Army at the end of the year and was approved.  We are planning a move back to Texas in the Spring right before little brother arrives.  We are SO excited to be back home, surrounded by supportive grandparents, family and friends again.  The army has been so good to us, but we are ready to plant roots and establish ourselves in a community.   Wes is in the process of job hunting and we are also in the market for a house.  Exciting times are ahead for us!   We are sad to leave our army family and the amazing friends we have met along the way.  Especially sad to be moving away from Wes' Aunt and Uncle in WF who have been our incredible fill in grandparents the past 3 years.  Lots of big changes, but we are ready for the challenge.